this video has strobe effects

Melvin "GRAVE" Guzman, CAVE
Video premiere: January 8 – February 5, 2023
Originally performed live 06/18/2022 at Participant Inc
With a live score by Brian Close and video by Woodson Legrand
Video edited by Isaiah Davis

In conjunction with: GRAVE: PSYCHO!GEO!GRAPHIC
at The National Arts Club, West Gallery
15 Gramercy Park, NY NY 10003
January 7 – 28, 2023

Live performance: Melvin “GRAVE” Guzman
Live score: Brian Close
Olfactory element: INCAUSA Palo Santo
Opening video: RUNS by Woodson Legrand

Video edited by: Isaiah Davis
Cameras: John Brattin, Isaiah Davis
Production Manager: Marbles
Production Assistant: Harry Kleeman
Additional video and still photography: Frantz “JR” Juin, Woodson Legrand, ADT Security

After Dark Director: Itziar Barrio
After Dark Technical Associate: Caroline Mills