Hungry for Trash Minimal, video by Kembra Pfahler and Isaiah Davis

Astrological Forecast, video by Constantina Zavitsanos and Tourmaline

Monday, June 26, 2023
Legendary SOB’s
204 Varick Street, New York City

Cocktail Reception, 6:30–7:30pm
Hosted by Derrick Adams and DJ April Hunt
with Elizabeth Koke and T De Long

and Artist Committee: Ron Athey, Isis Awad, Lizzi Bougatsos, KJ Freeman, Laura Parnes, 
Viva Ruiz, Pamela Sneed, Keioui Keijaun Thomas

Artist-Choice Performances, 7:30–9:30pm
Hosted by Narcissister and CHRISTEENE

Presidential Video Address, Vaginal Davis

Narcissister, with Eddy Kijowski, invited by CHRISTEENE
Laura Ortman, invited by Jeffrey Gibson
M Lamar, invited by Baseera Khan
Lambert, invited by ANOHNI, introduced by Jimmy Paul

Hungry for Trash Minimal, video by Kembra Pfahler and Isaiah Davis

CHRISTEENE invited by Narcissister
Jasmine Nyende, invited by Julie Tolentino
Jonah Mutono, invited by Serubiri Moses and Raymond Pinto

plus very special guest, serpentwithfeet, invited by Derrick Adams

Astrological Forecast, video by Constantina Zavitsanos and Tourmaline

Limited Edition Lazarus Tarot by Michael Lazarus
Printing by PUBLICIDE

Artist Table Sponsored by Rick Owens

Accommodations sponsored by The Frederick Hotel

Lite Fare by Makina

Technical Director, Abby Noble
Photography, Woodson Legrand
Flowers, Jay Kinney

After Dark Director and Editor: Itziar Barrio

Camera: ©Christopher Garcia Valle

Camera for Lambert: Tom Cole

A celebration of 20 years of PARTICIPANT and new beginnings with a night of artist-choice performances at Legendary S.O.B.’s.